5 Reasons to Choose a Corporate Rental vs. a Hotel

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If you are looking for temporary housing in Phoenix, Arizona then the best option would be to choose a corporate rental rather than a hotel. Of course there are several reasons why you may need temporary housing in Phoenix, Arizona among them being: work contract, job relocation or maybe you are between buying and selling a home and you are still in the process of shopping. Whatever your situation might be, following are 5 reasons why it is better to choose a corporate rental over a hotel.

  1. The comfort of a home away from home: While staying in a corporate rental, you will enjoy the same comfort as you do in your own home. Corporate Housing in Phoenix have the same facilities as those of a fully-furnished home.

  2. Fully-equipped kitchen: A completely equipped kitchen will make it easier for you to prepare and enjoy your favorite foods. You can also explore local food products and cook whatever you want.

  3. Free parking: Corporate rentals have free parking spaces so you won't have to struggle looking for a place to park your car or stress out over high parking fees.

  4. Washer & Dryer: You won't find these in your hotel room! A washer and dryer are included in your corporate rental, making it easy and convenient for you to always have something fresh to wear.

  5. Cheaper than a hotel: The cost of living in a corporate rental is lower compared with that of a hotel, which means you will spend less and enjoy your stay more.

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Enjoy the comfort of your very own home away from home during your extended stay in Phoenix, Arizona.

Choose a corporate rental instead of a hotel.

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